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How to Choose A Right Coaching Institute

How to Choose A Right Coaching Institute

How to Choose A Right Coaching Institute for Engineering, Medical and Foundations

We strongly appeal to all Engineering / Medical aspirants and their concerned parents to be very cautious while choosing the right coaching institute for JEE / NEET / Foundations

To you, many coaching institutes might appear to be similar but in reality they are not. You must know the fundamental characteristics that define an ideal coaching institute 

Fundamental characteristics, one must be aware of and verify before choosing the right coaching institute 


Now a days several coaching institutes in their eagerness to earn quick money resort to unethical and unworthy tactics like claiming false results, making false commitments to entice and deceive unsuspecting students and parents 

- IAS value system revolves around truth, transparency and commitment. Whatever we think and we say, we do  


One must check and verify the results. Join an institute with a strong history of results atleast for the last three years 

- IAS has been producing overall the highest number of selections from all programs in Engineering and Medical in the country for the last three years. For results in various other competitive / scholastic examinations, please visit www.instituteofadvancedstudies.in 


Good faculty is the backbone of any institute, so an institute should have a large and strong pool of full time faculty members 

- IAS has a team of over 1000 faculty members. It is the only institute which follow a very strong, systematic and objective selection and training process

Student - Teacher Ratio 

Ideal student to teacher ratio is indispensable for the success of a student 

- At IAS, an average student - teacher ratio is 30:1

Overall Development 

A good coaching institute will always strengthen and improve the fundamentals and IQ level of a student 

- At IAS, we enhance the analytical ability we have been instilling in our students qualities like honesty, discipline, perserverence, positive attitude, and most importantly confidence which help them grow into highly successful individuals and future leaders 


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